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Ceremony Flowers
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How many Altar/Ceremony Arrangements?  
(These arrangements are floral arrangements other than florals for gazebo, arch, chuppah, pews/chairs etc.
Aisle Runner: How many feet?  25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150  (Please Specify Size needed.  Your Venue/Church might know the length)
Aisle Rose Petals: How many feet? (Please specify petals in center, sides, or design.)
Pew or Chair Flowers:  How many?  (Be sure to give total for the two sides)
Cocktail Hour Flowers
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Bar Area Floral:  (Please specify if you need any arrangements for bar area) How many?
Reception Flowers
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Low Centerpieces:  How many?
Head-Table/Sweetheart Table Centerpiece:  (Please specify what kind of table you're having)
Cake Flowers:  How many tiers?
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Guest Book Table Arrangement: This is the table where your guests sign in.
Rose Petals for Guest Book Table:
Escort Card Table/Main Entrance Table Arrangement: This is the table where you have your seating cards.
Rose Petals for Escort Card Table:
Delivery & Set-Up
Early Delivery: Do you need bouquets & flowers to wear delivered at Home or Hotel for pictures before the ceremony?
(Type in "yes" only if you need them early in the morning before any other delivery of any other flowers.)  If you don't need this delivery,
we will deliver to Ceremony location when we deliver Ceremony Flowers. (Please specify if delivery is needed to Home or Hotel.)
Ceremony Delivery & Set-Up:  Do you need delivery/set-up to ceremony location?
Reception Delivery & Set-Up:  Do you need delivery/set-up to reception location?
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