Our Services Start With:

Step One - Estimate:  
We ask that you fill out the on-line estimate form to speed up the consultation process.
Once you complete the on-line estimate,
we ask that you call 323.262.9238 to set-up an appointment to meet in person.
You can bring any magazine clips, photos, etc. of any ideas you may have.  
Please do not send any of this information by email, it is better that you bring in person
so that we may go through any details.

Step Two - First Consultation:  
During our complimentary consultation we will establish your style, needs & make
recommendations to stay within your budget.
You have a 15 day complimentary hold if needed, after our first consultation.
This does not reserve your date with Ninfa's Flowers.  This just means we will keep your estimate
active/valid for 15 days.

Step Three - A Second Consultation:  
We require a minimum down payment to reserve your date.  
At this time we also ask that you leave any original copies, photos, & or magazine clips,
that you may have of flower choices, arrangement style, etc.  
Please make a copy for yourself, we do not return these.  
After this consultation you will receive a copy of your wedding order, contract & receipt.

Step Four - The Final Consultation:  
This takes place one month prior to the wedding, to revise the entire order.  
Balance due must be paid in full 30 days before wedding date.  
We require that you bring in a floor plan/map of your ceremony & reception area
& any final instructions, such as cake table, guest book table, escort card table,
main table/sweetheart, gift table, d.j./musicians, etc.  
Please ask your venue for a copy of the floor plan to ceremony & reception.  
If they do not have one, please create one yourself.

Down Payment:  
We require a minimum $500 non-refundable down payment to retain our services
for the date & time of your wedding or special event.  
This down payment is applied to your final total balance.  
We accept cash or check.  

*Once the down payment is made,
you can not deduct from the dollar amount on your order.  
This does not mean that you
can't make any changes.

Flower Budget:  
If you have a budget for flowers, we advise you that you tell us what it is
at the start of our consultation.  
Please keep in mind that some flowers cost more than others.  
The more common & in season the flower is, the lower the price.  
The more exotic, fragile & or limited the availability, the higher the price.  
Simple designs require less time while more elaborate compositions or those with
exquisite details will take significantly longer to craft.  

Service & Convenience:  
Ninfa’s Flowers offers services such as delivery only,
or delivery & set-up of ceremony & reception flowers,
pick-up of rental items, & tear-down/clean up.  

You can have someone pick up flower décor from our location
& save on the service cost.  
You can ask a friend or family member to take the flowers from the ceremony location
to the reception location & save on service fee.  
Each level of service is priced separately.  
Ninfa's Flowers is not responsible for any set-up that is done by the customer.

Once you reserve your date with us with a down payment, you can view a free sample of your
guest table centerpiece if your choice of flowers are available & are in season.  
If you want to view a sample any sooner, you can purchase one from us.  
We will schedule an appointment for sample date.

If you would like to view a sample of the centerpiece before you reserve the date you
can purchase one from us.  Any other samples can be purchased.  
Please understand that we can not provide you with samples of flowers that are not in season,
or that are pricier when not in season, or during Holidays, Mother’s Day & Valentine’s Day.

* Samples must be viewed in person.  We do not send picture samples.  
You must be present or no sample will be provided.  

In order to best match the color of  flowers & or ribbon that you want we require a
color swatch fabric for us to keep.  
Photos will not be accepted for color purposes.  
This does not guarantee exact match of colors,
but we try to match colors as close as possible.  
We recommend that you bring a fabric swatch of your bridesmaids dress colors.

Ninfa’s Flowers          2405 Whittier Blvd.     Los Angeles, CA. 90023     323.262.9238

Please call today to make an
appointment for a complimentary
consultation after you fill out the estimate form.